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2016: The Year I Art(ed?)

2016-07-16 02:30:30 by DClink

Heeeey! Dumping...and also dumping ART that I've been real shitty at keeping up with the past few years.

OH and I forgot that I have a new art alias: Bologna Overload

So if you see "BO" on any art, that's why. GETCHA SHORT HAND ON SON!


Development: A Realization.

2014-06-04 00:52:26 by DClink

So I've spammed art within the past couple of days, stuff that may not be as quality as I'd want it to be (aside from The Hobbit poster of course). Starting this week I'll be putting out less stuff to get some more developed pieces for you guys, which I hope y'all dig!


I've Got A Raging Art-On

2013-12-03 22:22:41 by DClink

New art being uploaded. Is your body ready?

I've Failed You All

2012-12-11 02:13:15 by DClink

I have yet to post any new art...and I have TONS including, but not limited to, a couple lithographs and stylized vidya game characters...that I still have to make digital...they're all sketches as of right now -__-

Did I mention it's Christmas break for me in like 3 all new art will be posted by Friday or Saturday :D

Sorry Dudes/Dudettes

***Totally got to add the lithographs HELLZ YA!


Kritzmire/DClink Struggle for Supremacy

2012-09-20 03:16:14 by DClink


Kritzmire/DClink Struggle for Supremacy


2012-09-20 00:34:11 by DClink

Totally decided to ditch the idea of Adventure Time style stuff for the time being and got into something a bit more rad and near and dear to my heart. You guys are in for a treat but I'll be blue ballin' ya till I post it.


Some Fan Art INCOMING!

2012-09-19 00:18:46 by DClink

I'll probably be tossing up some OG Adventure Time art...IN A SERIES within the next couple of weeks. Stoked because I never do series art, so should be interesting. May do a couple of variants with my style of illustration so it's none of that lazy shit.




2012-09-17 00:04:08 by DClink

Finally got around to putting some art up, which I'm ready for you guys to see/ crit, MAD stoked. I'll be a more active member here now that I've been doing A LOT more drawing and printing with my lithography course, and just in my spare time. I was kind of fed up just settling for being a mediocre illustrator, thus the drawing whenever I get a sec.

Hope to hear a lot of constructive criticism from you guys, and looking forward for you all to see muh work.